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About our Company

Girl Friday Business Consulting.

Girl Friday Business Consulting in Western Oregon and Northern Nevada, stands out as a versatile and comprehensive solution for businesses and business owners, offering a range of essential services. Specializing in business consulting, they go beyond conventional advisory roles by providing crucial support services such as bookkeeping and notary services. This signifies their commitment to addressing diverse business needs, ensuring that clients can entrust them with essential tasks that contribute to the smooth operation of their enterprises. Whether it's financial management through expert bookkeeping, ensuring legal documentation with notary services or tax preparation services. Girl Friday Business Consulting is a one-stop destination for businesses in Western Oregon and Northern Nevada seeking reliable consulting support. You can reach out to us through any of our social media pages or our website.

A more personable business, we prefer in-person meetings with our clients so they can get to know us and we can get to know them. That’s how we build trust with our clients. We are two disabled women that own and operate the business, so you will only deal with Leah and Tracy


Leah Ross | Oregon

Leah Ross has had a multifaceted 25-year career that contributes to her ability to provide administrative effectiveness to Administrative Professionals in a variety of industries. Leah serves as a confidential sounding board and advisor to owners and senior managers. She is a passionate consultant whose insight, guidance and support enable her clients to consistently reach new levels of results. In addition to administrative, human resources, payroll, understanding financials and change implementation, her experience includes leadership development for professionals, team building and conflict resolution.

Business Experience

Prior to consulting, Leah was an office manager for a top 500 mitigation corporation franchise for 10 years. She specialized in all areas of administrative needs including leadership, training, human resources and accounting. Early in her career, Leah owned and operated a bookkeeping and tax preparation business that catered to small business owners. She co-started Girl Friday Business Consulting to again bring solutions to small business owners.

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Leah received her Associate of Arts at Western Community College. While with the mitigation franchise she earned her IICRC in water restoration and certifications in leadership and technology.


Leah enjoys working on her property, gardening, reading and an eclectic variety of music and art. She stays busy keeping up with the activities and lives of her children and grandson.


Tracy Parlier | Nevada

Tracy has over 25 years in the retail industry. She has been a cashier, a lead cashier, front end manager and general manager. She specialized in hiring, training, price points, deposits, weekly and monthly accounting, all aspects of coaching/counseling regarding employees and vendor relationships; as well as giving owners feedback on how to make things more profitable for them.


Tracy received her Associate of Arts and Bookkeeping Certificate at Western Community College


I am from Northern Nevada where I live for 20 plus years. We have recently expanded our business into the Northern Nevada area. I love to read, listen to different podcasts and plant things in a garden and yards. Leah and I have been best friends since I moved to Nevada, and now we have started another adventure for ourselves.

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